Devin Rogers

Devin Rogers

Devin Rogers



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(214) 535-7045

[email protected] 

(214) 535-7045

[email protected](214) 535-7045


University of Texas ??

Aug 2010 — May 2014

B.S. Advertising
Digital Art & Media Certificate

Proficient in:

  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Sketch
  • InVision
  • AfterEffects
  • Wordpress


AAF - Nationals

Silver Student Addy

AAF - District-10

Gold Student Addy

AAF - Austin

Bronze Student Addy

National Finalist Team
AAF National Student Advertising Competition

Experience + Jolly Roger Workshop

Designer  /  Dallas, TX  /  May 2014 ⇒ Present

Finding time to freelance whenever I can, I develop branding, packaging, print materials, signage, and websites for a broad range of businesses to meet individual needs. Working with teams both large and small, I often start at the ground level, consulting clients with their design-making decisions to stay in line and up to date with modern best practices.



Designer  /  Dallas, TX  /  Feb. 2015 ⇒ March 2018

Matchfire is a small digital agency that works with both established brands and a handful of incubator startups, where projects moved fast, creative audibles were a daily occurence, and I regularly took tasks from initial concept to final execution with an attention to detail that required minimal oversight. Designing for a wide range of clients—from nonprofits like, national brands like American Airlines, and emerging startups like CForce—I worked in digital, UX, print, and branding environments.


Screamer Co.

Design Intern  /  Austin, TX  /  Jan. 2014 ⇒ May 2014

Under the direction of Screamer's ACD, I helped concept and develop internal branding for a website relaunch, and provided a set of hands for production work across several different clients.


ScoreMore Shows

Designer  /  Austin, TX  /  June 2011 ⇒ May 2013

As the concert promoter’s sole designer, I created concert posters from concept to mechanicals for a range of emerging artists, and led the production and distribution of promotional print materials to multiple markets across the country.


University of Texas Center for Teaching & Learning

Digital Media Institute Intern  /  Austin, TX  /  Feb. 2011 ⇒ Dec. 2012

Developed UI design for sites that were used as supplementary tools for first-year chemistry, biology, and statistics courses, along with graphics and flash animations used in instructional green screen videos.


Harris Media, LLC

Design Intern  /  Austin, TX  /  Aug. 2010 ⇒ Aug. 2011

As an intern at the digital political media firm, I helped to create campaigns and social media campaign assets for notable gubernatorial and senate races throughout the country.

References available upon request.

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